3D Printed Holder

  • This sad excuse for a stand was a huge waste of resin, but it was the first 3D print that I have done.

  • Once we learned a bit more about intelligent design, we were able to create a better model.

  • When we printed this, the bottom didn't get cured properly, so it was rough and had to be UV cured in the sun for a day.

Cell Culturing

  • This was a test I performed where I piped .1 mL of 90% confluent cells in new media into the wells.

  • This was the first picture I took showing cells forming sphere clumps after settling into wells.

  • Next steps in testing are to figure out a way to exchange media before hooking up to printhead.

Other Freeform Learning

Cell culturing was one of my primary learning objective. I had never dealt with any sort of organic lab setting. I had to learn sterile lab techniques, proper cleaning, and other procedures needed to work with cells in a lab. I also learned how to cultivate osteoblasts, operate a centrifuge, and use different analog and electrical microscopes. I was also able to perform my own experiments involving keeping cell cultures alive in a three dimensional environment which were successful to a degree.