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Mission Statement

My name is Ben Gerber, I am a senior electrical engineering student at North Dakota State University with an emphasis on biomedical engineering. My preferred area of focus is embedded systems hardware design with some embedded software programming. I want to work in the biomedical industry because it is a way to make a direct, visible impact on peoples' quality of life. I want to be able to help improve peoples' health and quality of life. This area is also more challenging as far as design requirements. Two of the most important drivers of my life are challenging work and helping people . LinkedIn

About Me

Life isn't just about work either, I have a variety of things I enjoy doing outside work. I definitely enjoy creating and prototyping electrical projects with Arduino, PIC, and MSP Launchpads. Playing jazz saxophone is also a passion in my life. Once a year, my friends and I go on a backpacking trip. I love camping, hiking, and being out in the wilderness. You will be able to read more into our trips in-depth on this site.